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A reputed Marketing and Advertising Company in the heart of dynamic Dubai, Digital Canvas specializes in branding, digital and social media marketing, web designing and SEO services.
In everything we do, we place ACCENT ON DESIGN. Years of expertise and working with diversified sectors have helped us to evolve with changing times and stay one step ahead of the competition. Welcome to the digital hub of forward thinking and strategic solutions!


To us, success is 70% inspiration, 30% perspiration and 10% aspiration. Yes, we know that comes up to 110% but that’s what we strive for. We believe that work is best done when you love what you are doing. We look at each project as an adventure and not an obligation. Over music and a cup of coffee, there is no challenge too hard or problem too difficult to work out. We draw inspiration from the best, add our special mix of uniqueness to it, work out the crinkles and present to you a canvas that is devoid of imitations and limitations.


All our relationships with our clients are two way streets and they change us just like we change them. We are result driven and treat the business of each client like we would treat our own. Today, we are a culmination of everyone we have represented, every idea we have promoted and every story that succeeded and that did not. We are not sector agnostic and have indulged immensely with almost every industry in the making and tried a hand in everything to acquire the expertise that we treasure today.


To us, life is a canvas and the possibilities are infinite. At Digital Canvas, every member is encouraged to follow their instincts and create something spectacular, to meet your need for communication design and digital space positioning strategies, in truly innovative ways. Where people see embers, we see a fire yearning to burn; where others see a tiny bud, we see a flower waiting to burst forth into colors and glory; where cynics see dark clouds, we see silver linings. Compile these individual masterpieces and what you get is something truly extraordinary.


What works for one consumer might be a disaster for another but with a little priming and prying, we create art that appeals to everyone and yet, beckons to their unique individuality in intriguing ways. For us, every face is an identity, a story waiting to be discovered. We try to see you through your eyes and then work around your challenges and build up on your strengths to present your clients with pictures that pull the strings of the heart and motivate people to act. We specialize in the following and cater to varying needs of clients exclusively:

    • Advertising Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Design
    • Ambient Design


    • Brand Architecture
    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Positioning
    • Co-Branding


    • Print Production
    • Radio Production
    • Corporate Films
    • Video Production


    • Content Creation
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Online Media Strategy
    • Online Advertising


    • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Management
    • Social Media Engagement
    • Social Media Content Creation


    • Brand Promotion
    • Email Marketing
    • Newsletter Marketing
    • Blog Marketing